About Pet Classifieds

Here is a picture of my pet dog - Watson, he is a 5 year old Beagle who never runs low on energy and is always ready to play!


We operate several classified advertising websites, Pet Classifieds is recently launched.

Pet Classifieds has been optimised to work great on all viewing platforms, including desktop's, tablet's and mobile's. We've designed the site to be as search engine friendly as possible. Your free Pet Classified ads should get loads of quality traffic! If you are a business or organisation, you can include a web link to your website! We would really appreciate it if you included a link back from your site to ours too :-).

Some of our other websites include: Ad Mart Classifieds at www.ad-mart.co.uk , AU Classifieds - Australia Classifieds at www.auclassifieds.com.au . We also run a Travel Forum, travel chat site at www.forumfortravel.com .

Good luck with your advertising!
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