Baby Harvest Mice (No Odour) Andover

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UPDATE! babies born on 5th May ready to leave This Weeke d Sat 29th May,
All mice in All photos shown have been my home bred mice. (mouse eating dandelion, courtesy of Justine Hadfield) If you would like to go on the waiting/reserve list for future litters, Contact me with your details, Baby Harvest Mice, ANDOVER Formal reservations and deposits are being taken now, I have owned dozens of standard fancy mice also wood/field mice over many years, and I must be honest, either wild types or coloured fancy mice can smell within one hour of being cleaned out! Harvest mice however, are a totally different ball game, They do not produce any odour like other pet mice do, it's weird, but they really don't, You they only require cleaning out approx 3 times a year, with a partial 20% refresh of hay/straw/dried leaves every 2 months, but removal of uneaten food more regularly. Their poopies are absolutely so tiny, miniscule compared to normal pet mice, My mice are "pick & mix" mice, as at 4 weeks, their bits and bobs are so small and under developed, that I cannot "guarantee" being 100% accurate, so for that reason, it would be unfair if I got it wrong, (even the experts can, and "do" get it wrong sometimes) I am Not an expert! Photos shown are my other Harvest mice, as babies are in the nest. Quick tips, You will need a secure Tank or vivarium with either glass or perspex for viewing, Bars are simply not suitable as they will shimmy through them like magic, I do Not recommend any excersize wheels, as mice run SO fast in them they get thrown out by centrifugal force, this often causes unseen internal injury or even instant death (years ago I sadly found out the hard way) your tiny little harvest Mice will be happy climbing, burrowing and hiding on their corn stalks, leaves and twigs. Any questions just email me, I also send out small videos of your reserved mice on whatsApp

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